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The Unsung Heroes Who Keep Churches Running

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Article written by Remy Anne James

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In many American neighborhoods, the church serves as the lynchpin for nurturing faith and fellowship among members of the community. Whether in times of peace or turbulence, having a sense of belonging can be grounding and may offer clarity. In fact, studies have found that religious involvement served as a strong indication of life satisfaction. According to a poll, 67% of weekly service attendees report being “very satisfied” as compared to only 51% of the country as a whole. This happiness may be largely attributed to the fact that shared faith promotes positive actions and attitudes. This may come in the form of greater generosity with time and money, or a clearer sense of purpose in life. When it comes to fostering this kindness, the church is critical. But none of this is possible without the unsung heroes behind church operations who serve God and their community. Here are some staff positions that keep churches running.

Church Administrator

Church administrators are the pillar of all church operations. As a result, they must be efficient, organized, and communicative. If they've previously worked in managerial roles, church administrators are even more flexible and can accomplish most administrative functions the church currently needs. This allows them to either oversee or take on the roles of executive assistant, secretary, and operations manager. It also makes them crucial in overseeing the church’s day-to-day operations. Here, they help pastors and other church staff with administrative and clerical duties. In this capacity, their aid may come in the form of responding to emails or messages, scheduling meetings, filing paperwork, or even coming up with programs for worship services.

Volunteer Coordinator

Churches rely on the goodwill of community volunteers. That's why human resource management matters, even here. This particular kind of management is needed to implement retainment strategies, so community members are kept engaged in their tasks. Since volunteer coordinators assign these tasks and manage all volunteer roles, they thus need strong skills in managing human resources. This includes having a knack for organization and communication. With such a skillset, these coordinators implement HR strategies that help facilitate the smooth workflow for projects or regular church events. More importantly, they can help volunteers feel connected to their goals. Church Accountant

Between worship services, community gatherings, and outreach programs, churches must keep track of a lot of financing. Since church funds are usually community-sourced, it's also extremely crucial for a church to make the most out of what they're given. This is where the church accountant plays a significant role. While accounting does not need to be in-house and may be outsourced to accounting firms, churches usually have a designated staff member to keep track of financial accounts. Church accounting involves maintaining financial documents and ensuring that the church’s income, assets, and expenses are properly recorded. Accountants also monitor expenses and donations and prevent fraud.

Music Director

Music is the gift of God that unites His congregation. It is central to worship, being used throughout the Bible as a tool for praising the Lord. Today, music in church is powerful for evoking emotion and forming meaningful connections among the community. The music director is instrumental in upholding this tradition, making sure that the music and media within the church are conducive for worship. They are in charge of leading the choir and developing music-related activities within the church. They also oversee the recruitment process and schedule rehearsals for all church musicians. Churches serve their communities tirelessly, but it takes a whole host of people to keep operations running. These unsung heroes prove that behind every healthy congregation, there are tireless servants who are devoted to God and His people.

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