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I have consulted with numerous churches, ministries and business that integrate their bank with their accounting software and simply import the transactions into their registers and while this is less time-consuming it does have some setbacks for the inexperienced bookkeeper or church treasurer and at times can cause more work in the long run. Some of the errors caused by integrating your accounting software with your bank are duplicate entries, miscoded transactions and unbalanced accounts. It would be a good exercise in stewardship of not only time but finances to always remember that accounting programs are designed to assist in the bookkeeping process and NOT do it for you. The information and reports that your accounting software produces is generated from the data that is entered and if that data is incorrect so are the reports, which could lead to bad decisions based off of the misrepresentation of information. The other major concern with relying solely on the integration of your books is that you are recording the transactions AFTER THE FACT. While some may think that there is no reason to be concerned with this way of doing their books, it does leave room for theft and fraud to occur.

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