• Michael Wright

It's election year !!!

I usually do not write about this type of stuff, but every election year some one ask, or I see in the media that a church either campaigns or invites a candidate to their church to speak as was the case recently on CBS News click for the entire article .

While I understand ( partially ) the reasoning for doing this, I am also aware totally and completely aware of WHAT COULD HAPPEN , should someone ( nope not me, that's not my thing) get upset and cause a fuss. When it comes to inviting a political candidate to speak, and the repercussions of it, or if its even legal for a church to invite a political candidate, we must have a very clear understanding of this. Here is what the IRS has to say about it :

Under the Internal Revenue Code, all IRC Section 501(c)(3) organizations, includ­ing churches and religious organizations, are absolutely prohibited from directly or indirectly participating in, or intervening in, any political campaign on behalf of (or in opposition to) any candidate for elective public office. Contributions to political campaign funds or public statements of position (verbal or written) made by or on behalf of the organization in favor of (or in opposition to) any candidate for public office clearly violate the prohibition against political campaign activity. Violation of this prohibition may result in denial or revocation of tax-exempt status and the imposition of excise tax.

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