Meet Michael

My focus and passion is your success

Hi, I am  Michael Wright and I am here to help churches, ministries and faith based businesses succeed.  Over my 20-year career I have learned that many churches struggle to have a solid understanding their  finances and the compliance issues that churches, pastors and ministers and ministries face. 

I do not just consult with churches; I become a virtual employee. ​By partnering with me you get 20 years of experience, education, and expertise that is put to  work for you. 

 What makes me an expert?

My clients, my education, and my experience as a pastor, Chaplin, church planter and business owner.

During my career I have planted 2 churches, started managed and grown 3 businesses, had my own ministry and consulted with countless ministers, pastors and church leaders to help them start, structure, lead,and manage their own church or ministry and understand the complex finance, and tax compliance standards. 

Qualifications include:

Ordained Pastor

Ordained Chaplin

Bachelor of Ministry

Doctorate of Church Administration

Licensed Accountant in North Carolina

​For me this is not about business, its personal



106 W Main St Aberdeen NC NC 28315

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